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Honesty with real life situations

As a new blogger, I sought advice from others more experienced. The one bit of advice I heard over and over is to be as vulnerable as I could. Well, I hope this isn’t too vulnerable that I offend anyone, … Continue reading

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Death, is the topic and here is a first hand story from my past: I was eight or nine years old when our family hurriedly rushed to see a relative whose imminent death had spread like a dark cloud over … Continue reading

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I received many e-mails and telephone calls on the blog about the secrets to happiness, especially the part about that the key to anyone really being happy ,”is not owning or having more, but the true secret is needing less.. … Continue reading

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When the left brain shuts down.

C-R-E-A-T-I-V-I-T-Y Whether you even know it or are even aware it is happening, when you are being creative, this alone is proof positive that you have left the left hemisphere of you brain and emerged into Camelot, or the right … Continue reading

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I Am Awake!

Are you awake? Continue reading

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Alert: Two Secrets to Happiness! Read about them here. Continue reading

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