When the left brain shuts down.


Whether you even know it or are even aware it is happening, when you are being creative, this alone is proof positive that you have left the left hemisphere of you brain and emerged into Camelot, or the right hemisphere.

Just a reminder, the left-brain characteristics are: logical, linear thinking, and the “I” are self resides here; while the right brain encompasses such characteristics as non-linear thinking, feelings, you are totally in the present and you feel a connectedness with the whole universe.

As I am nearing completion of my next book and speaking presentation on “Creativity,” my research exposed an absolute incredible discovery.

A Dr. Jill BolteTaylor, a doctor who had spent the vast majority of her life in her left-brain studying schizophrenia and stroke victims, awoke one morning only to realize that she herself was having a stroke. She later came to understand that this particular stroke had completely shut down her left brain hemishere.

Her discoveries, while now exclusively ensconsed in her right brain, delivered to our world perhaps the first scientific disclosure of what the tremendous benefits our right brain holds for us.

It was here that she found the feelings of deep inner peace as love, joy, peace and compassion. She described it as the seat of her divine mind, the knower and the wise woman/man, the observer; the source of intuition, her higher consciousness.

You know how she described it? “This is so cool here. I think I have entered into nirvana.”

Google Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor. And remember that it is life, actually.

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3 Responses to When the left brain shuts down.

  1. bill hubiak says:

    Nice job with your new blog. Isn’t it amazing that we still can come up with creative ideas given the number of blows each of has taken to the head.

  2. Mary says:

    Isn’t creativity the most fun?! Love what you’re doing here….makes me want to do more/be better/reach higher.

  3. Patti Applebee says:

    I have always had a problem with this right brain. Have a hard time leaving logic. I wish that I were more creative. I don’t have a hard time seeing it or joining in when someone else comes up with it. I know it’s there and sometimes surprise myself when I put it to use. Ha!

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