The six word book!

My friend Bill Eck shared this gem of wisdom with me.

Have you ever heard of the six-word book? I think it was my old buddy Ernest Hemingway who thought this up. It’s quite simple, anytime you feel you want to tap into your own creativity and revel in the benefits of right-side brain thinking, simply write an entire book using only six words.

Hemingway came up with this: “Baby shoes, for sale, never used.”

Wow! Pretty powerful six words isn’t it? Try it yourself. You can do it while sitting in a movie theatre waiting for the movie to begin, or sitting in a plane, or on the road with your family.

CREATIVITY is a fabulous place to spend your time. (More to come on creativity).

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One Response to The six word book!

  1. bill hubiak says:

    How about “get over yourself” as a three word book. Life gets so much easier when we we figure out that we’re not the center of the universe. Since we wind up changing our minds about almost everything during the course of a lifetime, why not start taking ourselves and our ideas less seriously early on in life.

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