I don’t want to sound too mysterious, but just like in my writing, something inside me continues to provide me with rather amzing insights.

My most recent message is this: The two requirements for life happiness are “living in the present” and not wanting more but instead needing less.

The idea continues to haunt me … but then, that’s life, actually.

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  1. Bill Eck says:

    I may have shared this with you previously. I was very moved when a client, in a Discovery Session, was talking about a “life of abundance”: He said, “I am really, really rich. Not for what I can accumulate, but for what I don’t have to have to be happy. For the more I own, the more it owns me.”

    Cheers, Buddy! Have a most joyous and cherish Christmas.


  2. bill hubiak says:

    Each day that I allow myself to feel worthy of the abundance of love with which my wife showers me, I become happier. Secrets of Happiness: a soul mate and lots of laughter. I have friends that look at me like I’m from another planet when I tell them that Carole and I laugh all the time. “About what?” is a common response. “About everything,” I tell them and the look of confusion amplifies in their eyes.

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