I Am Awake!

The mysteries continue … I continue to be bombarded with seemingly random thoughts that expose themselves to me with great clarity.

When I began writing, I used linear thinking. By this I mean I began writing A, then went next to B, then to C and so forth.  However, at some point non-linear thinking showed up and I would find myself having no idea why I was writing something. I mean it did not seem to have any relationship to  whatever book I was writing on at the time.

This is what is so fascinating: two or three weeks down the road when I was wrestling with what to write next, I would suddenly recall what I had written weeks ago and saw that it was a perfect fit.

Last week I was confronted with this idea and this is what image and words appeared out of the blue:  I saw a group of people surrounding some man who obviously had the crowd enthralled. When he finished and following a long period of stunned silence, someone in the crowd yelled out, “Are you a god?”

To which the stranger halted that line of thinking with a firm “No!”

Next someone called out, “Are you some kind of prophet?”

He responded in another strong “No!”

A third person asked, “Are you a magician?”

After repeating “no” for the third time, he then added, speaking very clearly and slowly, I am awake.

I am starting to choose life, actually …

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