Honesty with real life situations

As a new blogger, I sought advice from others more experienced. The one bit of advice I heard over and over is to be as vulnerable as I could.

Well, I hope this isn’t too vulnerable that I offend anyone, but here goes.

I have been in both great physical and emotional pain throughout my life, the impact from the sexual, physical and emotional abuse I experienced from my father. It has has left me quite damaged from spinal injuries and being physically crippled throughout most of my life. As for the sexual and emotional damage, it has been present since very early in life and wrought even greater damage.

A month and half ago, I fell on my back and reinjured my spine, injuries I have struggled with for seemingly forever.

This past week I was shocked to realize that my predicament today was very much like the same situation I was in ten years before — facing severe spinal pain with no hope of eradicating it for I have tried everything. A quote by Alan Lightman just popped into my mind. He said, “Suppose time is a circle which bends back on itself. Forever repeating, perfectly repeating.”

This scares the beejesus out of me!

Any suggestions? Because this is life actually …

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