I received many e-mails and telephone calls on the blog about the secrets to happiness, especially the part about that the key to anyone really being happy ,”is not owning or having more, but the true secret is needing less..

Here is a haunting story you might enjoy. It’s from my ATTITUDE book:
A very wealthy father wanted to teach
his son appreciation for what he had by showing
him how poor people lived. So after many telephone
calls he arranged for them both to spend two days
and nights on a farm most people would consider
rather paltry.
Driving home with his son after the two days, the
father asked him the pertinent question, “Did you see
how poor people live?”
“You bet, I did,” the boy replied.
“Well, what did you learn?” the father further
After a brief moment in collecting his thoughts,
the boy responded;
“I saw that we buy our food, but they grow theirs …
and theirs tastes better.
“I saw they had four dogs where we only have
“We have only a small piece of land and they have
acres and acres.
“We have a backyard swimming pool that is tiny
compared to their creek.
“We have walls surrounding our property. They
have friends to protect them.
“We have servants who serve us; they serve
The boy’s father was stunned—dumbfounded.
Then the boy concluded, “Thanks for showing me
how poor we are, Dad.”

But then its life, actually.

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